For the past 10 years, On His Path has been offering generous support for people and organizations around the world who are involved in helping those in need. Our mission is to glorify Jesus by coming alongside those in need, while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through these efforts, thousands of people all around the world have heard the Gospel and many have come to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

We are helping to spread The Word to the far reaches of the earth as well as right here locally in Eastern Iowa.

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Clubfoot is a very common but potentially devastating birth defect that causes a child’s feet to turn inward and upward. Children born with clubfoot effecting one or both of their feet have difficulty walking, and if left untreated the deformity will impact the rest of their lives.

Fortunately, though, this disability can be completely corrected using the gentle, non-surgical Ponseti Method which uses casts to correct the deformity and then foot braces to maintain the correction over a 4-5 year period after which their feet are fully corrected for the patient’s entire life.

On His Path provides support to clinics in developing countries who are spreading awareness of the Ponseti method and delivering proper treatment to children born with clubfoot.

On His Path also provides education to families whose children are going through the treatment to ensure that each child stays on track with the bracing after the cast treatment is complete. Through our many partners and with the help of medical practitioners around the world, we are helping to eradicate the disability of neglected clubfoot.


Education opens a world of opportunities for children to reach their full potential and to achieve their goals and dreams. On His Path invests in education and tutoring programs to help create a brighter future for children and their communities. 

We help with education fees, school supplies, shoes, uniforms and more, so that the inability to afford basic school necessities doesn’t prevent a child from receiving a quality education.


On His Path has provided medical equipment and supplies to developing countries around the globe. This equipment makes successful treatment of medical conditions possible, ensuring better health care outcomes, and saving many lives.


For many people in developing countries, access to clean water is just not possible – this is an ongoing crisis and it affects the health and lives of entire communities. Families have to struggle every day to get water that is often contaminated, and is unsafe to drink but they have no other options for this basic human need.

On His Path is working to ensure access to clean water by providing an easy-to-reach, safe water sources. This not only improves the health of everyone in their community, but also allows time for work and educational opportunities. 


On His Path believes in a society where widows and orphans are cared for and have the means to build a bright future for themselves.

In many societies, widows are often seen as outcasts and many become homeless. We want to change that!

We aim to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of these women and children through education, awareness campaigns, healthcare, income generating activities, and material support.

In India, another overlooked population are lepers and their families. We support feeding and shelter programs for lepers as well as schooling opportunities for their children. This has made a huge difference in their lives and outlook, and the glory all goes to Jesus!


On His Path believes in a world without hunger. Every third person in developing countries suffers from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. By solving the problem of hunger, we can address a broader range of human needs.

We distribute meals through nutrition programs and provide life-changing aid to those that are most vulnerable. Improving children’s nutrition and health naturally encourages them to go to school and changes their entire outlook on life in a very positive way..


On His Path is passionate about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to all nations, near and far, and following Jesus’ command of making disciples around the world.

There are many Christian pastors and missionaries in developing countries sharing the love of Christ with their local communities, often in the face of religious persecution.

At On His Path, we want to provide support for these individuals and organizations that are doing the heavy lifting on a day-to-day basis. For instance, in India, Pastor Paparao Yeluchuri has an organization of 300 Christian pastors who in one year baptized 28,800 individuals!

You can support a pastor to help them in their efforts to reach their community and grow their congregation.


According to recent statistics over 100 million people in the world are homeless. The homeless have no shelter; they sleep in parks, on the pavement, in doorways or under bridges. Some sleep in public buildings, like bus terminals or railway stations.

A home provides the foundation for life, and we want to help with this basic need so that people can have a stable environment to live in, and to have a chance for a better life.


On His Path supports micro-enterprise programs to create real economic changes in developing countries. We provide entrepreneurs in these countries with opportunities to start small businesses of their own. With a way to use skills and earn an income, people can work to lift themselves out of poverty.

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