Wow. The Lord has certainly blessed Mission: Mobility! We are truly humbled how HE continues to expand this wheelchair collection ministry! On His Path began collecting wheelchairs and medical equipment to ship to Bethel Ministries in Guatemala in August of 2012. It has developed into a Nationwide Network of volunteers who obediently follow the Lord’s leading in helping collect medical equipment to benefit the needy in Guatemala.

Mission: Mobility really took off when we tagged it with a name and developed a website (www.missionmobility.org) and Facebook page. We currently have official collection partners in 16 states! Since the beginning in 2012, we have shipped 5 containers: 1 in 2012, 1 in 2013 and 3 in 2014 to date. The first 4 shipped from Southeast Iowa. The most recent container was shipped from our volunteer group in Louisville, Kentucky. Annette and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Louisville to help load the container. It was especially fun, considering Chris and Donna Mooney from Bethel Ministries were also in Louisville and were apart of the loading process! It was great to see our friends and it was special to have them involved in the loading end of a container.

Currently, our volunteers in Pennsylvania and California have substantial inventory. We are hopeful that their collections keep on track and Pennsylvania will ship a container in December of 2014 and California will follow shortly in the 1st quarter of 2015! Our containers to date have included over 600 wheelchairs, 1000 sets of crutches and walkers, 200 boxes of wheelchair parts , immobilizers and medical supplies, 200 boxes of shoes and clothing, 30 boxes of miscellaneous donated items and 511 cases (110,376 meals) of Take Away Hunger Food. We have been blessed with all these physical donations.

Additionally, we have a huge blessing of local volunteers nationwide that help collect, sort, inventory and load this equipment. We have also had people feel led to simply donate funds to help with the  Mission: Mobility efforts. Every dollar counts. We even had a huge blessing when one family felt led to finance the cost of shipping a container! I encourage you to check out the website to learn more about Mission: Mobility. We have photos and videos as well as a blog that is updated by Mission: Mobility volunteers. We also have shirts, hats, coffee mugs and window decals that are available with donation to help us spread the word of our efforts. Our t-shirts have the motto “got wheelchairs?” These have been very successful in initiating conversations that have led to opportunities to collect equipment and to share our testimonies! We are truly blessed to have such an amazing nationwide network of volunteers! Big or small, all the donations of time or funds are huge blessings! Thank you! Many thanks to On His Path for all the amazing support with Mission: Mobility! You are a blessing to many not only by funding, but a blessing in helping show others how to share Christ’s Love in so many amazing ways!

Submitted by: Rick Fulton

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One thought on “Update

  1. I am so thrilled to see the works done by Dr. John and Jean in every areas of people and around the world. I have met Dr.John. He is such a kind hearted man with a compassionate heart to help the children with disabilities, poor and orphan children, widows and help them to create business to their survival.

    He also help the lepers and their children with their education.
    Also both Dr.John and Jean believe the ultimate work is to present the good news of the Lord Jesus christ. They are very simplae people with big heart for the hurting people.

    I pray that the Lord bless them and use them to help the people in their needs along with the unchanging gospel. God bless the great and wo nderful work of Dr.John and Jean.

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