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Successful Training, El Salvador Clubfoot Program

The 4th Annual Ponseti Training in El Salvador was held in San Salvador on July 25, 2015 in partnership with Ponseti International Association. The two trainers were Dr. Martin Rosales with Mexican Clubfoot Foundation and Dr. Mario Sequeira with Miracle Feet Nicaragua. Along with these two reputable Ponseti method trainers, 7 doctors and two physiotherapists attended the training where they gained additional skills to effectively treat children with clubfoot throughout El Salvador.

During the training, we had the chance to present the statistics of clinics by Dr. Gomez (San Miguel clinic), and the main problems to give follow-up to Ponseti Method in El Salvador by Dr. Castillo (Benjamin Bloom Hospital), the tips of Ponseti casting and importance of keeping a database. As part of the training, 20 children with clubfoot were assessed and some of them casted. They are already under treatment in the five clinics of the program supported by On His Path.

On His Path will continue to support this clubfoot program by offering clinical training, abductions braces, pads, plaster casts, counseling and the promotion of the program within the healthcare system and to the public to increase the number of children reached. Our goal is to eradicate clubfoot as a disability in El Salvador.

Submitted by: Mayra Arteaga, El Salvador Clinic Coordinator

On His Path Commemorates World Clubfoot Day in El Salvador

World Clubfoot Day, which takes place annually on June 3rd to honor the work of Dr. Ponseti, pioneer of the non-surgical technique for clubfoot treatment, was a special time of celebration in our five clinics in El Salvador with patients, parents, nurses and doctors. We celebrated the hard work of the doctors and collaborators in the program; we also wanted to honor parents who make many sacrifices to take their children to the clinics for the treatment. We celebrated it with snacks, balloons, candies, as well the distribution of bookmarkers, informative materials to raise awareness of clubfoot and the Ponseti Method; the TV Telemas channel broadcasted a note of the celebration in the Dr. Villacorta Mazzini clinic in Sonsonate. Indeed promoting awareness of clubfoot to others and through media can bring a meaningful transformation in the lives of children. Global Clubfoot Initiative requested to all the organizations around the world that work with clubfoot to submit a photo that captures a highlight of the past year of work or what the organization stands for. Thankfully, the photo submitted by On His Path was chosen as the most representative of the hope that we all must have to see a world free of disability caused by clubfoot. It was certainly a special day to celebrate!

Submitted by: Mayra Arteaga, El Salvador Clinic Coordinator


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