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Through our tutoring schools, many children have benefited. Bethel Ministries International has three tutoring schools which are located in the area of Chimaltenango and Técpan.

The first tutoring school located in El Tejar, Chimaltenango has 26 children attending. Maynor Castillo is the teacher of this area and he has been able to help these children with their homework and by answering questions in the different subjects. He is in charge of grades Preparatory through 9th grade. Every child that is attending tutoring school is getting better grades than before receiving tutoring classes. The children’s parents are very glad to have a person that supports their children in their studies.

The second school is located in Técpan and has 14 children that come four times in the week. Mrs. Flory is the teacher that helps these children with their homework, crafts, and also by answering questions in the different subjects. Mrs. Flory has children from 1st grade to 9th grade and things are going well in the school. Children that are attending come from poor families and some have to walk around 25 minutes to be able to receive help with their homework; Bethel also provides computer and internet access for these students for free.

Our third tutoring school is at Panabajal, Técpan which is located 30 minutes from the main road. Mrs. Sara is the tutor who is helping 15 children with their homework and by answering questions in the different subjects. Panabajal is a village where very poor people live and many children don’t have the opportunity to attend school or pay for someone to help them with their homework. Currently, children receive tutoring classes from Monday to Friday evenings and this has been a great help to the children. Thanks to this help, they are improving in their studies, have good grades and above all, they will continue achieving their dreams to become professionals in the future.

Bethel is so privileged to continue helping with education and tutoring school for many children that come from poor families around Guatemala. Now these children have the opportunity to have someone help them with their homework because sadly, most of the parents of these children can’t read or write due to never having the chance to attend school.

Submitted by: Donna Mooney, Bethel Ministries International

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