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While co-founders, Sam Reighard and Annie Powell, were working in the field of social work in southeast Iowa, they noticed a need for Christian based mental health services. We know a few facts about Mental Health in America: Mental Health is the #2 cause of disability in America and the #2 cause of premature death in the US. Along with those facts, we also know southeast Iowa is one of the most underserved regions in Iowa for mental health services. This leaves long referral lists, burden of traveling many hours for services and many unable to obtain mental health services that they need. Truth Foundation, Inc. was founded in August 2010. From the moment of conception, On His Path has been a vital part of providing funding for mental health services for those who could otherwise not pay for services. In 2014, Truth Foundation had 1,114 sessions. Of those sessions, OHP has directly funded 405 sessions, which is almost 40% of all sessions that depend on funding from OHP. Truth Foundation offers a variety of services to assist families and individuals. We offer therapy from our Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Sam Reighard. Sam specializes in Mental Health Assessments, Family Counseling, Couples’ Counseling, and individual counseling. Sam served as a pastor from 2001 to 2007, at which time he was called into the counseling ministry. Truth Foundation, Inc. is located in New London, IA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 319.931.7169

Truth Foundation offers skill based services supervised by Annie Powell. Annie has 17 years experience in the Human Service Field. Our Solution Focused Aid, Nita Dameron, assists with in-home services that often complement therapy sessions that individuals may have with Sam. These services range from biblically based parenting to truth based behavior management.

Submitted by: Annie Powell, Truth Foundation

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