Testimonials from Orphans


Brenda Nafula’s Biography

My name is Brenda Nafula and I am in grade 2 at God’s Mercy Orphanage School. I used to live with my father who is HIV positive. My mother died a few years back and left me with my father who is seriously sick up to now. I have suffered much and I used to work in gardens to get food to eat and I had no way to go to school as my father was sick and poor at the same time. My grandmother lived with us but she passed away two years back. I want to thank my sponsors for helping me get an education. Even though I am almost grown up, I am determined to stay in school and get a good education. I am well fed and also have a good time with my best friend, Phiona Auma, and other children. I would love to be a teacher at our orphanage school to help teach my fellow orphans. My best subjects are English and Social Studies. I like playing netball and skipping games. Thank you for paying my fees, feeding me, clothing me, and giving be accommodations at the orphanage to provide my basic needs. Please help other kids who are still in the life I used to live. Please, I am praying for my sponsors daily to help me get education, know God, and also be happy with other children at school. Even though my mother died of AIDS and my father has AIDS, I have been tested and I don’t have the disease. I am so grateful. My teachers are very good to us and we love them. We love our Director at the school, too. Thank you for your kindness and love to me.

-Brenda Nafula


Benjamin Oketch’s Biography

My name is Benjamin Oketch, age 10 years and in grade 2 at God’s Mercy Orphanage Primary School in Busia, Uganda. My biological parents died of AIDS disease when I was 4-years-old and I stayed with my grandmother who was so sickly and old. As young as I was, I could help my grandmother sell fruit to get some money to feed us in our home. I helped my grandmother wash plates, sweep the house and do some cooking. I also woke up very early in the morning to fetch water from a swamp for cooking our meals. I grew up in a very difficult situation without any parental care as all my parents passed on. I thank the Lord and my sponsor for helping me to get an education besides knowing God. It was one day when the Director of God’s Mercy visited us to pray for my grandmother and to find a way for me to be taken to the orphanage school to get an education. From the time I was admitted to the orphanage school, my life has greatly changed and I thank the Lord because I am fed well, wash my clothes, and study. My best subjects at school are mathematics and science. I want to become a doctor to help treat people who are sick. My best friend at school is Josia Asiimwe Clever. Pray for the orphanage and my grandmother too who is still sick and old. I love to play soccer at school. Thank you for helping me to get a good education and good health. There are many orphans in my village who are passing through problems as I used to in my village. I pray that the Lord may provide for them so that they can get an education.

Thank you

Benjamin Oketch


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    Child Foundation is an international charity organization that helps children living in poverty remain in school. The children sponsored through our programs are high achievers, and many of the children we assist are orphans or children living in emergency situations. By enhancing the quality of life for children in need, as well as their respective families, we actively help them gain access to education. Sponsor a high achieving child today!

    Help the Children exists to alleviate the
    suffering of children and their families
    throughout the Africa and
    around the world.

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