Take Away Hunger Meals Impact Guatemala


Aura is 45 years old and has been a widow for many years. Since her husband passed away, she has been doing everything possible to move forward with her three children. Aura works collecting trash from the dump, which is the only way she can support her family. For almost two years now, Bethel Ministries International of Guatemala has been able to support this family with a food bag every month. They are grateful to God for all the help they are receiving. They are also very grateful for the house and bathroom that was donated to them.

On His Path helps make this possible through grant funding and donations received from the On His Path community. Take Away Hunger meals packed in Wayland, Iowa are an important item included in these life-giving food bags. When blessings are shared with the needy, God receives the praise and glory!

Testimonial submitted by BMI, Guatemala

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