Around The World – On His Path

Where We Work


  •  Pastor sponsorship
  •  Vikmuthi School for children of lepers
  •  Nutrition support for widows • Microenterprise to save women from slavery
  •  Medical care and nutrition for lepers
  •  New clubfoot clinics


  • Aid to Ebola victims


  • Homes for the homeless
  • Medical support
  • Food distribution
  • Wheelchair repair and distribution
  • Education and tutoring
  • Human trafficking shelter

El Salvador:

  • Clubfoot clinics and counseling for families
  • Healing hundreds of children each year
  • Bringing hope to families through the Word


God’s Mercy Primary School and Orphan’s Care Centre

  • Exceptional education programs
  • Nutrition support
  • Medical care and clean water
  • Microenterprise to bring the desperate out of poverty


  • Ministry through education
  • Street children saved from lives of crime and taught the Gospel
  • AIDS relief and care


  • Feeding program serving 290 orphans/day

Sierra Leone:

  • Ruth Vines Memorial School
  • Care and support for orphans
  • Clubfoot brace makers
  • Care and education for disabled children


  • Sponsorship of clubfoot clinic coordinators
  • Sponsorship of clubfoot braces

Sierra Leone Clubfoot Brace Shop


Since May 2013, On His Path has been supporting the Sierra Leone Clubfoot Brace Shop through grant funding and, most recently, supplies for brace making. The original funding was provided to allow the brace makers to secure the rental of a workshop, equipment, and supplies.

One of the challenges faced was procuring good quality leather at an affordable price. Most of the time, they found themselves using ladies handbags to make the braces. This is another example of how Americans are so blessed; we have the ability and means to buy whatever we need, whenever we need and without difficulty. Once On His Path heard of this challenge, we went to work communicating with the brace makers to determine exactly what was needed. The leather was sent to England to be hand delivered by a visiting physician to alleviate any issues with customs and potential theft. Upon receiving the supplies, the brace makers were able to produce 175 braces of different sizes as requested by the national clubfoot coordinator. They were also able to produce three abduction braces for difficult cases as requested by the specialist for the clinics.

“God is our helper, we have incorporated some orthopedic work in producing Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs) for bigger children with clubfeet and an orthopedic boot for an adult with high shortening which was well fitted. We have also continued in normal shoe making work.”

The workshop has also recruited two street boys who are willing to learn and who are now in training for the production of braces and orthopedic devices.