Take Away Hunger Meals Impact Guatemala


Aura is 45 years old and has been a widow for many years. Since her husband passed away, she has been doing everything possible to move forward with her three children. Aura works collecting trash from the dump, which is the only way she can support her family. For almost two years now, Bethel Ministries International of Guatemala has been able to support this family with a food bag every month. They are grateful to God for all the help they are receiving. They are also very grateful for the house and bathroom that was donated to them.

On His Path helps make this possible through grant funding and donations received from the On His Path community. Take Away Hunger meals packed in Wayland, Iowa are an important item included in these life-giving food bags. When blessings are shared with the needy, God receives the praise and glory!

Testimonial submitted by BMI, Guatemala

Bangladesh Clubfoot Project


On His Path Helps Children With Clubfeet Worldwide

Worldwide, about 200,000 children are born with clubfeet, a condition where the foot is twisted downwards and inwards. If untreated, the deformity leads to pain with walking and is disabling. Ponseti clubfoot treatment, developed in Iowa, is a largely non-surgical method of correcting clubfoot by a series of manipulation and carefully applied casts. Usually 5 casts correct the deformity. The child wears a brace at night to prevent relapse until the age of 4. Treated children and adults enjoy lifelong freedom from pain and full function. On His Path is helping children born with clubfeet worldwide. In Bangladesh, On His Path is donating teaching models to Sustainable Clubfoot Care in Bangladesh (SCCB). SCCB is a Canadian government funded initiative to fi nd all children in Bangladesh born with clubfeet and treat them with the Ponseti Method. SCCB will train village health workers to screen for clubfoot deformity and refer children with deformed feet to clubfoot clinics, where specially trained doctors will correct the feet using the Ponseti Method. On His Path is donating 23 sets of clubfoot teaching models to SCCB, one for every public medical college, to help future doctors and surgeons learn about clubfoot and how to treat them. On His Path also helps children elsewhere, but in a different manner.

On His Path is providing support to the University of British Columbia as it works with the World Health Organization and others in developing guidelines for the management of clubfeet so that Ponseti treatment can be provided in the most consistent and effective manner.

Submitted by: Dr. Shafique Pirani, BC

Testimonials from Orphans


Brenda Nafula’s Biography

My name is Brenda Nafula and I am in grade 2 at God’s Mercy Orphanage School. I used to live with my father who is HIV positive. My mother died a few years back and left me with my father who is seriously sick up to now. I have suffered much and I used to work in gardens to get food to eat and I had no way to go to school as my father was sick and poor at the same time. My grandmother lived with us but she passed away two years back. I want to thank my sponsors for helping me get an education. Even though I am almost grown up, I am determined to stay in school and get a good education. I am well fed and also have a good time with my best friend, Phiona Auma, and other children. I would love to be a teacher at our orphanage school to help teach my fellow orphans. My best subjects are English and Social Studies. I like playing netball and skipping games. Thank you for paying my fees, feeding me, clothing me, and giving be accommodations at the orphanage to provide my basic needs. Please help other kids who are still in the life I used to live. Please, I am praying for my sponsors daily to help me get education, know God, and also be happy with other children at school. Even though my mother died of AIDS and my father has AIDS, I have been tested and I don’t have the disease. I am so grateful. My teachers are very good to us and we love them. We love our Director at the school, too. Thank you for your kindness and love to me.

-Brenda Nafula


Benjamin Oketch’s Biography

My name is Benjamin Oketch, age 10 years and in grade 2 at God’s Mercy Orphanage Primary School in Busia, Uganda. My biological parents died of AIDS disease when I was 4-years-old and I stayed with my grandmother who was so sickly and old. As young as I was, I could help my grandmother sell fruit to get some money to feed us in our home. I helped my grandmother wash plates, sweep the house and do some cooking. I also woke up very early in the morning to fetch water from a swamp for cooking our meals. I grew up in a very difficult situation without any parental care as all my parents passed on. I thank the Lord and my sponsor for helping me to get an education besides knowing God. It was one day when the Director of God’s Mercy visited us to pray for my grandmother and to find a way for me to be taken to the orphanage school to get an education. From the time I was admitted to the orphanage school, my life has greatly changed and I thank the Lord because I am fed well, wash my clothes, and study. My best subjects at school are mathematics and science. I want to become a doctor to help treat people who are sick. My best friend at school is Josia Asiimwe Clever. Pray for the orphanage and my grandmother too who is still sick and old. I love to play soccer at school. Thank you for helping me to get a good education and good health. There are many orphans in my village who are passing through problems as I used to in my village. I pray that the Lord may provide for them so that they can get an education.

Thank you

Benjamin Oketch


Lemonade Stand


Every little bit helps. This brother and sister team felt the call to serve by selling lemonade and donating the profits to On His Path for Mission: Mobility Network activities.

What a great example to follow! Every little bit helps and there is no amount too small for the Lord’s work. Thank you!

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 KJV