Mission: Mobility Update


2017 is off like a rocket!

January 3: Our collection team in Jacksonville, Florida sent container #1 of 2017 to Bethel Ministries International (BMI) in Guatemala. This container was full and included over 200 chairs plus many walkers, canes, and crutches.

January 23: Container #2 shipped from Wayland, Iowa. This was a very diverse load of used medical equipment and items for BMI programs. Included were 100 wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, 100+ boxes of miscellaneous medical items and clothing, and two pallets of Take Away Hunger food packets. There were also several hundred backpacks and hundreds of pairs of shoes. In addition, On His Path purchased a welding table and metal working equipment to aid in the production process of the Kid’s Specialty Chair that Saul from BMI and Marcus and Andy from MD developed in September.

February 6: Container #3 shipped from Erie, Pennsylvania. This is the 17th container that Mission: Mobility has shipped since we began our efforts in August of 2011 – Praise the Lord!

Looking ahead in 2017, we are hopeful for shipments from the following collection groups:

March/April: Kentucky

June/July: Vermont – This is the first container to ship from Vermont, however, the Vermont folks drove to northeast Ohio and met us with a truck and trailer filled with medical equipment in 2011 and helped to fill the first container from Iowa!

August: Iowa

September: Florida

To date in 2017, over 400 chairs are in transit. With this quick start for 2017, the Lord has shown us that it is a definite possibility of shipping 1,000 chairs in 2017!

Can we hit 1,000 chairs? God only knows what the final tally will be.

But scripture tells us:

“With God, all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 NIV

You may be asking yourself, does BMI 1,700 wheelchairs which are the number of chairs sent to them by Mission: Mobility and Joni and Friends’ Wheels to the World (JAF is the larger provider of wheelchairs to date).

Praise the Lord for all he has done in these efforts! Praise the Lord for assembling such a wonderful bunch of volunteers from across the country. Praise the Lord for On His Path for their generosity and support of Mission: Mobility!

I would like to offer you a challenge. After reading this, please pray for the collection efforts. I challenge each and every one of you to make just one phone call – maybe two! Call your local nursing home, hospital, hospice, clinic, medical supply company and tell them that you are collecting wheelchairs for the non-profit Mission: Mobility. Let them know we will gladly take wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and crutches even if they are broken (the BMI team will refurbish them, so they are ready to go for those in need). If you have any questions regarding donation items or shipping logistics, please contact Rick Fulton at wheelchair@onhispath.com. Thank you in advance for your help!

In HIS Service,
Rick Fulton, Mission: Mobility Volunteer

Bible Donation


The Muscatine County Jail received a gift of English and Spanish New Believer’s Bibles in time for the Christmas season. This donation was made possible, in part, by contributions received by On His Path to the Bible Giveaway Fund.

Prison Chaplain, Steve Russell, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude for the gift and said the Hispanic population was especially happy to receive the Bibles and the recipients are enjoying the easy to understand New Believer’s Bibles (NLT). Pastor Russell holds a weekly Bible study. Lessons are read out loud by prisoners so that everyone hears the Good News, whether or not they can read. On His Path plans to replenish the supply as needed and is blessed to have the opportunity to bring peace and comfort to those in need.

“My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” Psalm 119:50 NIV

Changes for 2016 and Beyond


We have been prayerfully considering many items this first month of 2016 and feel led to rededicate the focus of On His Path primarily to the advancement of clubfoot treatment in developing countries around the globe. MD Orthopaedics and the devices manufactured to train, promote, and maintain the Ponseti method are the driving force behind the funds available to On His Path. Without MD Orthopaedics and the success of the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment, On His Path would not exist. We have been presented with additional opportunities to help advance the treatment of clubfoot around the world and feel led to answer the calling.

On His Path will be partnering with CURE International to place a new clubfoot clinic in Andhra Pradesh, India; a region without a clubfoot clinic. This will allow ALL children the opportunity to receive first-class clubfoot treatment regardless of their place in India’s caste system. Jesus is the reason for this care – his name is elevated and placed above all gods. In a land where the Christian population is only 2.3%, sharing the Story of Jesus is an essential part of the treatment and counseling process; ensuring all peoples know the saving love of Jesus.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support for ALL of our initiatives. Every dollar sent, whether $1 or $1,000 is given as directed to ease the suffering of those in need; helping those who cannot help themselves. When a child or widow learns they have been sponsored or someone across the globe cares about them by making a donation, it means a lot to them and brings them joy. This support creates a bond and a sense of pride that someone cares. This not only changes their life, but yours as well.


John and Jean Mitchell

“Make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.” Hebrews 12:13 NIV



One Scoop at a Time

On His Path teamed with the WACO junior and senior high student body on Friday, May 1st and packaged 38,760 meals in just two hours. That is an average of 323 meals per minute! These meals were sent to Guatemala a week later along with used medical equipment donated by local individuals. Through these kids, world hunger is being fought one scoop at a time!

Music with a Message

Music rang through the Washington County Fair Grounds on Wednesday, July 22nd. On His Path had the privilege of sponsoring a Christian concert featuring bands Rapture Ruckus and Josh Wilson during the annual county fair. One theme that carried throughout the evening is that God, the creator of Heaven and Earth, made YOU – He made you unique and special and with a purpose – what you are called to do may not look like what others are called to do, but do it anyways and through that, God will receive the honor and glory!

My Missionary Trip to Iowa, a Land of Plenty


Praise the Lord for all He does. He is worthy to be praised.

I was invited to go to the United States to speak during the On His Path Donor Appreciation Dinner in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. I flew from Entebbe International Airport on April 9th and arrived on April 10th; a trip which took many hours. I thank the Lord that I arrived well at the Cedar Rapids Airport and was received by the Founder of On His Path, John Mitchell, who is a wonderful servant of the Lord. We drove a few minutes and arrived in his wonderful home. I was welcomed by his beloved wife, Jean, and their daughter, Isabella. I was joyful for having met together in their home.

The next morning, I managed to visit the offices of MD Orthopaedics and On His Path where I met wonderful people including Executive Director, Emily Ferguson. I had a wonderful tour, met staff and interacted with dear ones. I was so shocked and humbled in the way the Lord used John Mitchell and his wife Jean to build such a wonderful complex. I was also blessed to stay at their home whereby they gave me a wonderful hospitality. I was challenged to see that their home was full of food and multiple fridges for a house which only had three people. I had an opportunity to eat what I wanted at their house and among the best meals I had was porridge, which was my favorite and what I loved most among all food stuff. We had wonderful fellowship with Brother John in prayer, fellowship in the Word, visited several churches and I was much blessed to interact with the Saints of the Lord.

The state of Iowa is so beautiful, full of cornfields and many other kinds of cereal grown everywhere. I had the opportunity to visit many farms like piggery, dairy, and turkey farm. All were a challenge and eye opener to me and I got to know and learn the best method of rearing those animals and birds above. We had a time of leisure going fishing which I enjoyed together with Mr. John. I also managed to visit the so-called poor people who actually, in my sense, are not poor. They have almost everything they need; a house, a car, etc. compared to a poor person in Africa who has nothing. We visited, too, the Iowa State Capital. It was an amazing time to me and fellowshipped with Mr. Joseph Mitchell who gave us a tour of the facilities. While I was there, I did interact with men and women of God who were really a blessing. We prayed and studied the word of the Lord together. I also shared dinner with Emily Ferguson and her family and we had a wonderful fellowship and sharing together as Saints of God. Everything in the USA is done on time compared to the African way of doing things at a slow pace.

I was challenged in many ways while I was with the Mitchells. The way they live, their wonderful hospitality to me and how Godly they are in their family / home. The day I was waiting for came, which was the Donor Appreciation Dinner. This was a wonderful time to meet men and women who are prayerful in their support of On His Path and financially to see to it that the work of caring of the needy and preaching the Gospel is expanded. I thank the Lord for having participated in this wonderful ceremony. I want to thank the Founders and staff of On His Path and MD Orthopaedics for having me visit them and challenging me in many ways. I came back home blessed and with a new perspective of how men and women of God who have love, have the power to change the lives of the helpless to hopeful. All you guys do have a special place in our hearts. What a blessed journey to and from and back home to Uganda. Thanks for being part of what the Lord is doing in Uganda in caring for the poor, the needy, and advancing the Gospel to nations and communities in Uganda. Be blessed.

Submitted by: Pastor Francis Makoha, Uganda



Mission: Mobility keeps rolling along! God continues to add new volunteers to the roster, nationwide! We recently had a regional manager of a wheelchair company donate 60 new wheelchairs to the efforts. These are now waiting in Louisville, Kentucky to be on the next container, with a possible ship date in April.

Iowa: The shed is filling up. Many thanks to the exceptional efforts of Rich Seberg. Rich has been great at finding chairs for the cause! Our goal is for a late spring shipment.

California: The Fresno crew is pushing hard for their first container. They are well on their way and hope for a container shipment late summer of 2015.

Pennsylvania: The volunteers in PA shipped their first container in early December of 2014 which arrived in Guatemala late January of 2015.

I recently returned from Guatemala, my 5th mission trip to serve with Bethel Ministries International. It was a blessing to be able to help fit 52 people with wheelchairs. One wheelchair we fit was for an elderly blind woman. She reached out to Tom and I and wanted to touch our hands so she could “see” us. She praised God for her new wheelchair! Many of the chairs we fit had a Mission: Mobility sticker that states the origin of the donated equipment. In the photo above is Ruby. Ruby is a long-time wheelchair repairman at the Bethel Ministries workshop. Ruby is working on a chair that was collected in Murray, Kentucky by our volunteers. 2014 was filled with many blessings! Many volunteers from many states have joined the efforts to serve by collecting wheelchairs and equipment, four containers were shipped, which in turn helped transform many lives with the gift of mobility. Looking ahead to 2015, please keep your eyes open. Consider joining our efforts by calling your local nursing home or hospitals or by watching garage sales. We are always needing wheelchairs, in any condition. We have also received a request for canes. We are all anxious to see what God has planned for Mission: Mobility in 2015. God is so good!

Submitted by Rick Fulton



Selah is a ladies’ retreat that has been held annually in southeast Iowa since 2011. The word selah is defined as: a pause to breathe and reflect on the important words just spoken. Selah’s mission statement is: “To help women seek God and unite together for His purpose” Matthew 7:7-8 and Ephesians 4:1-16

The main purpose of Selah is to help women actively seek a deeper relationship with Jesus. Our desire is that Selah will allow women to pause and consider what God is speaking into their hearts and to let them understand the ways He has gifted them. It is our belief that in doing so, we may begin to develop and grow deeper spiritual roots. We hope Selah inspires women to unite together to use their gifts for Jesus, leading others to follow His plan for their life. Although the Selah retreat is held annually, Selah reaches women throughout the year, supporting ladies throughout their spiritual journeys. Selah was held October 24th & 25th at Whitetail Country Estates in Lockridge, Iowa, where forty women attended. This year’s theme was Joy! The keynote speaker, Joy Baade, took the ladies through her journey to find joy – she then talked about where to get it, what robs us of it, and how to share it. Also giving presentations were Denae Matherly and Nancy Iverson from Image Truth in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They gave presentations about the beauty each woman has been given from the Lord. On top of that they gave practical tips on how to build a wardrobe that compliments each individual’s skin and hair color and body type. Each lady received individual color analysis from Denae and Nancy. The registration fees for Selah were donated to the Mission to the Nations Women’s Rescue Sewing Center in Kakinada, India. Scarves and bags from India were available with the funds going to the Women’s Rescue Sewing Center. The Rescue Sewing Center saves women from human trafficking and sponsors them through a nine-month training program. Upon completion of the training, the women are given a sewing machine and materials to start their own business. Besides enjoying the speaking sessions, the ladies were able to take advantage of the beautiful property upon which Whitetail Country Estates is located. Thanks to the many ladies who volunteered their time and gifts to make this year’s retreat a success. A special thanks to On His Path who sponsored the retreat.

Submitted by: Nikki Johnson, Selah Coordinator

Truth Foundation


While co-founders, Sam Reighard and Annie Powell, were working in the field of social work in southeast Iowa, they noticed a need for Christian based mental health services. We know a few facts about Mental Health in America: Mental Health is the #2 cause of disability in America and the #2 cause of premature death in the US. Along with those facts, we also know southeast Iowa is one of the most underserved regions in Iowa for mental health services. This leaves long referral lists, burden of traveling many hours for services and many unable to obtain mental health services that they need. Truth Foundation, Inc. was founded in August 2010. From the moment of conception, On His Path has been a vital part of providing funding for mental health services for those who could otherwise not pay for services. In 2014, Truth Foundation had 1,114 sessions. Of those sessions, OHP has directly funded 405 sessions, which is almost 40% of all sessions that depend on funding from OHP. Truth Foundation offers a variety of services to assist families and individuals. We offer therapy from our Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Sam Reighard. Sam specializes in Mental Health Assessments, Family Counseling, Couples’ Counseling, and individual counseling. Sam served as a pastor from 2001 to 2007, at which time he was called into the counseling ministry. Truth Foundation, Inc. is located in New London, IA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 319.931.7169

Truth Foundation offers skill based services supervised by Annie Powell. Annie has 17 years experience in the Human Service Field. Our Solution Focused Aid, Nita Dameron, assists with in-home services that often complement therapy sessions that individuals may have with Sam. These services range from biblically based parenting to truth based behavior management.

Submitted by: Annie Powell, Truth Foundation

On His Path John Mitchell Accepts Donated Glasses from Iowa Lions


Recently, John Mitchell of MD Orthopaedics requested assistance from Lions Clubs International for On His Path, his philanthropy organization in the form of recycled & reconditioned eye glasses. On Wednesday, September 24th, Wayland Lions Club member Brian Pattyson delivered 240 pairs of glasses to John Mitchell for distribution on his next mission trip to Guatemala. In 1917 a Chicago Businessman, Melvin Jones, encouraged his Chicago Business Circle to go beyond promoting good business practices by giving selfless service to better their community making a better world for all.

Today Lions Clubs International has 46,000 Lions Clubs in 209 Countries approaching 1.5 Million Members. Perhaps the single event having the greatest impact on Lions Clubs service commitment occurred in 1925 when Helen Keller addressed the Lions Convention and challenged Lions to become “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.” As part of that commitment Lions Clubs have been collecting and recycling used glasses, reconditioning them and providing the reconditioned glasses to those in need. You are probably familiar with the collection boxes that are positioned at various local business sites, including Walmart.

Global Membership Coordinator Pattyson remarked that 100% of all the proceeds from Lions Clubs International activities go directly to the projects they support. Any and all expenses are paid from membership dues entirely! As membership in Lions Clubs International expands around the world, we are able to do even more to serve our fellow man, living up to our motto: “We Serve.”

Submitted by: Brian Pattyson

Worship – Gospel Concerts


There was music in the air on the evening of July 16th in Washington and Winfield Iowa. On His Path sponsored two Christian bands, Loftland and Aquire the Fire, to perform at the annual Washington County Fair.

In Winfield, local singing sensation, Selah, held a concert in the park and served brownie sundaes. On His Path was the featured foundation for their theme “Music on a Mission” and received a very generous free-will offering. The weather was beautiful and a great time was had by all!

The smallest family will become a thousand people, and the tiniest group will become a mighty nation. At the right time, I, the Lord, will make it happen. Isaiah 60:22 NLT