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Where We Work


  •  Pastor sponsorship
  •  Vikmuthi School for children of lepers
  •  Nutrition support for widows • Microenterprise to save women from slavery
  •  Medical care and nutrition for lepers
  •  New clubfoot clinics


  • Aid to Ebola victims


  • Homes for the homeless
  • Medical support
  • Food distribution
  • Wheelchair repair and distribution
  • Education and tutoring
  • Human trafficking shelter

El Salvador:

  • Clubfoot clinics and counseling for families
  • Healing hundreds of children each year
  • Bringing hope to families through the Word


God’s Mercy Primary School and Orphan’s Care Centre

  • Exceptional education programs
  • Nutrition support
  • Medical care and clean water
  • Microenterprise to bring the desperate out of poverty


  • Ministry through education
  • Street children saved from lives of crime and taught the Gospel
  • AIDS relief and care


  • Feeding program serving 290 orphans/day

Sierra Leone:

  • Ruth Vines Memorial School
  • Care and support for orphans
  • Clubfoot brace makers
  • Care and education for disabled children


  • Sponsorship of clubfoot clinic coordinators
  • Sponsorship of clubfoot braces

Mission: Mobility Update


Mission Mobility Update

God is good and keeps us moving forward! Wheelchair collection continues across the country. Since the last update, we have added groups in Rockingham, North Carolina, and Columbus, Ohio to the group team! Wheelchairs and other equipment continue to be collected to benefit the people of Guatemala through the distributions with Bethel Ministries International (BMI).

On His Path has progressed with yet another amazing project to help the wheelchair ministry of BMI in Guatemala. For several years now, John Mitchell, founder of On His Path, has worked with Chris Mooney and Saul Chopin of BMI to develop a cost effective reclining wheelchair.

These specialty chairs are a rare find in our collections at Mission: Mobility. They can be purchased but at a cost starting around $2,000/chair. Over the years, different ideas have been talked of until the final solution was decided – make one!

This past September, Saul came to Iowa to refine the design. He spent the week in the MD Orthopaedics shop with Marcus Powell, CAD Designer, and Andy Smith, Operations Manager, who were also recent mission trip team members with BMI, tweaking the design until they were satisfied with the final product. Many hours were spent on this project.

Overall, they simplified the design, eliminating expensive and fragile cables that the expensive chairs use to make the adjustments on the chair. They also adjusted design elements using the AutoCAD program. Marcus and others at MD are in the process of making welding templates that will be shipped to Guatemala on the next container. The container will also carry other tools and equipment that will make the production of this chair more efficient. In the end, some of the smaller parts will be cut by local vendors in Iowa and then shipped to Guatemala on the containers. The main frames of the chairs will be made of tube steel that will be purchased in Guatemala. The seats and cushions will be made at the BMI workshop. The entire chair will be constructed and then assembled at the BMI workshop which helps to assure jobs for the shop employees.

Saul took the prototype home with him as checked luggage so he could show this to the others at BMI. Saul anticipates they will produce 100 or more of the chairs each year with an estimated cost of $100/ chair. This truly is a PRAISE! When Saul and I were and Marcus came to Guatemala this summer on a mission trip, they SAW and EXPERIENCED what we were doing. It created a fire in them to help with this project!” Amen!

It is always a joy to see how God works inside the members of mission trip teams and how they use their abilities and gifts to continue serving even after they are home. What a treat it was to see this entire project come together!

Ultimately, this project is not about the wheelchair – it is about providing the opportunity for BMI to share the Gospel to those they serve. The kids who receive the new chairs won’t know where Iowa is or who Marcus, Andy, or On His Path are – they won’t care.  What they WILL know is this gift of mobility came from God and in turn, PRAISE HIM FOR IT!

Submitted by Rick Fulton, Mission: Mobility Volunteer

Gifts for Guatemala


Gifts for Guatemala

We had great participation in the “Gifts for Guatemala” campaign. 205 Ziploc bags filled with gifts were donated in addition to many Hot Wheels cars, Crocs, flip flops, knit hats, blankets, and miscellaneous individual toys.

The community really came together to send a little something to a child in need this Christmas. We had a lot of fun sorting, packing, labeling, and getting these gifts ready for shipment. The gift boxes shipped the week of Thanksgiving via UPS as our wheelchair container was rescheduled.

Thanks to all who donated and volunteered; you are a blessing!

Around the World: Guatemala


Muxin Morales Family

The Muxin Morales Family receive support with a food bag. The living conditions of this family have not been easy due to a lack of resources in home. Marco earns money by working in the fields while his wife takes care of their nine children: Randy (15), Daniel (13), Nehemias (10), Marvin (9), Julio (7), Doris (5), Esdras (2), and Sulma and Jesica (6 months). Since life for this family has been difficult,the two oldest boys have left school in order to help their father with the household expenses. Combined, they make $105 a month which is not enough to cover all of the family expenses. Marcos and his sons are doing everything possible to support their family, but they often do not have work and will only have a little to eat those days. Bethel Ministries International (BMI) has helped the Muxin Family with the construction of a home that is much better than their previous small room built of wood and scrap metal. We also gave them an extra bunk bed for children to sleep on, and gave them nutrition drinks and KAH meals to help improve their health. The family now has three meals a day as well. We are glad to see how their living conditions and health are improving. The family is very grateful for all of the support that they have been receiving from BMI.

Submitted by Donna Mooney, BMI

Tutoring Schools Guatemala


Through our tutoring schools, many children have benefited. Bethel Ministries International has three tutoring schools which are located in the area of Chimaltenango and Técpan.

The first tutoring school located in El Tejar, Chimaltenango has 26 children attending. Maynor Castillo is the teacher of this area and he has been able to help these children with their homework and by answering questions in the different subjects. He is in charge of grades Preparatory through 9th grade. Every child that is attending tutoring school is getting better grades than before receiving tutoring classes. The children’s parents are very glad to have a person that supports their children in their studies.

The second school is located in Técpan and has 14 children that come four times in the week. Mrs. Flory is the teacher that helps these children with their homework, crafts, and also by answering questions in the different subjects. Mrs. Flory has children from 1st grade to 9th grade and things are going well in the school. Children that are attending come from poor families and some have to walk around 25 minutes to be able to receive help with their homework; Bethel also provides computer and internet access for these students for free.

Our third tutoring school is at Panabajal, Técpan which is located 30 minutes from the main road. Mrs. Sara is the tutor who is helping 15 children with their homework and by answering questions in the different subjects. Panabajal is a village where very poor people live and many children don’t have the opportunity to attend school or pay for someone to help them with their homework. Currently, children receive tutoring classes from Monday to Friday evenings and this has been a great help to the children. Thanks to this help, they are improving in their studies, have good grades and above all, they will continue achieving their dreams to become professionals in the future.

Bethel is so privileged to continue helping with education and tutoring school for many children that come from poor families around Guatemala. Now these children have the opportunity to have someone help them with their homework because sadly, most of the parents of these children can’t read or write due to never having the chance to attend school.

Submitted by: Donna Mooney, Bethel Ministries International

Bethel Homes Guatemala


Luisa Sical and her children

Luisa is 36 years old. She has been a single mother for 3 years since her husband abandoned them. She has three children: Yesenia is 12 years old and currently studies in 4th grade, Diana is 6 years old and is in kindergarten, and José Manuel is 1 year old. Although they have a very low income, Luisa does everything possible to give her children what they need. Their old house was built of scraps of wood and metal, and when it was the rainy season, their house would get flooded. BMI was able to build them a house that is more secure and watertight! Luisa said: “Thank you for helping us with a new house, it’s a great support for my children. Now, we have a home that is much better than our previous house! We don’t have a way to repay you for this support, may God bring many blessings upon every person who made this great help possible. Thank you very much.”

Maria Marcela Gonzales Hernández

Maria is 27 years old and a single mother after her husband abandoned her after the birth of her 5th child. Maria’s children’s names and ages are as follows: Jaqueline is 12, Josefine is 11 and is studying in 3rd grade, Katherine is 7, Angeline is 3, and Jonathan is 8 months old. Maria makes tortillas for people and her eldest, Jaqueline, takes care of the children. The money she earns is not enough for all the household expenses as well as education which is why only one of her children attend school. Their house was built of scrap metal and wood with pieces of cloth and plastic covering some of the holes. It was in really bad condition and flooded every rainy season. We are glad to see that the house they received changed their lives because now they have a warm and dry place to be. Maria said: “Thank you for helping and giving us a hand in times of necessity. Thanks to You, I have a house where I live with my children now. My children and I can’t repay you for all you have done for us. Thank you for all your support.”

Submitted by: Donna Mooney, Bethel Ministries International



God is Good!

The need in Guatemala continues to grow, so we keep collecting to help supply the needs that Bethel Ministries International uncovers! With God’s calling and the obedience to that call by our network of volunteers, we keep filling containers!

2014 was a banner year, we shipped 4 containers from 3 states.

2015 looks to beat 2014. In May, our Louisville shipping point (strongly supported by Murray, KY) shipped a container. That same week we shipped one from the MD Orthopedics warehouse in Wayland. Here is what we have coming up.

California: First container is being prepared for shipment late August.

Iowa: Container to ship in September.

Kentucky: Container planned to ship in fall.

Pennsylvania: Container tentatively planned to ship in December.

God is good! I am constantly amazed when I think we hit a dry spell, the calls come in that chairs are being collected or donated. Prayer does work! As the need is constant, we must be diligent in our collection efforts. We have a constant prayer to establish partners in other areas to collect. In Iowa, we really only have the core in SE Iowa. We would love to see groups in the Des Moines and Waterloo areas that can collect and eventually transfer equipment to SE Iowa. Our eventual goal is to have collection partners in every state. We have wonderful volunteers in many states, but gladly want to welcome more.

Just as I was compiling this update, we received word from Bethel Ministries in Guatemala. It reinforces the huge need for our efforts! Donna Mooney writes, “A praise report – KY container arrived! There were delays in customs, but it arrived safe and sound and food and vitamins are being loaded onto our truck to head to Rio Dulce tomorrow! Yea God! We had run out of wheelchairs, the Take Away Hunger food, and vitamins, so we are very thankful for this container! We had actually laid off a few of our workers temporarily since there were no chairs to restore! Thank you Mission Mobility team players for all you do!!” I am thankful we have the Iowa Container right behind the Kentucky container. Please consider joining us in finding wheelchairs to help fill the need.

Submitted by Rick Fulton

Take Away Hunger Meals Impact Guatemala


Aura is 45 years old and has been a widow for many years. Since her husband passed away, she has been doing everything possible to move forward with her three children. Aura works collecting trash from the dump, which is the only way she can support her family. For almost two years now, Bethel Ministries International of Guatemala has been able to support this family with a food bag every month. They are grateful to God for all the help they are receiving. They are also very grateful for the house and bathroom that was donated to them.

On His Path helps make this possible through grant funding and donations received from the On His Path community. Take Away Hunger meals packed in Wayland, Iowa are an important item included in these life-giving food bags. When blessings are shared with the needy, God receives the praise and glory!

Testimonial submitted by BMI, Guatemala

Los Gozosos


For the past year, we have been able to support Los Gozosos by providing them with medicine monthly. Los Gozosos is a care center that takes care of 10 children who suffer from various diseases, such as CP, epilepsy, microcephaly, autism, hemiplegia, and mental retardation. We are blessed to see the children’s health improve from month to month and continue to help them with medicine, food, and education. Our hearts are full of joy to see these children growing and pursuing their dreams. The workers at Los Gozosos express their thanks, “We don’t have money to pay for everything that you are doing for us and for all the support that we have received for a long time. The children are so blessed to be able to count on you for support and love. May God bless everyone for all your love and help.”

Submitted by: Donna Mooney of Bethel Ministries International, Guatemala



Wow. The Lord has certainly blessed Mission: Mobility! We are truly humbled how HE continues to expand this wheelchair collection ministry! On His Path began collecting wheelchairs and medical equipment to ship to Bethel Ministries in Guatemala in August of 2012. It has developed into a Nationwide Network of volunteers who obediently follow the Lord’s leading in helping collect medical equipment to benefit the needy in Guatemala.

Mission: Mobility really took off when we tagged it with a name and developed a website ( and Facebook page. We currently have official collection partners in 16 states! Since the beginning in 2012, we have shipped 5 containers: 1 in 2012, 1 in 2013 and 3 in 2014 to date. The first 4 shipped from Southeast Iowa. The most recent container was shipped from our volunteer group in Louisville, Kentucky. Annette and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Louisville to help load the container. It was especially fun, considering Chris and Donna Mooney from Bethel Ministries were also in Louisville and were apart of the loading process! It was great to see our friends and it was special to have them involved in the loading end of a container.

Currently, our volunteers in Pennsylvania and California have substantial inventory. We are hopeful that their collections keep on track and Pennsylvania will ship a container in December of 2014 and California will follow shortly in the 1st quarter of 2015! Our containers to date have included over 600 wheelchairs, 1000 sets of crutches and walkers, 200 boxes of wheelchair parts , immobilizers and medical supplies, 200 boxes of shoes and clothing, 30 boxes of miscellaneous donated items and 511 cases (110,376 meals) of Take Away Hunger Food. We have been blessed with all these physical donations.

Additionally, we have a huge blessing of local volunteers nationwide that help collect, sort, inventory and load this equipment. We have also had people feel led to simply donate funds to help with the  Mission: Mobility efforts. Every dollar counts. We even had a huge blessing when one family felt led to finance the cost of shipping a container! I encourage you to check out the website to learn more about Mission: Mobility. We have photos and videos as well as a blog that is updated by Mission: Mobility volunteers. We also have shirts, hats, coffee mugs and window decals that are available with donation to help us spread the word of our efforts. Our t-shirts have the motto “got wheelchairs?” These have been very successful in initiating conversations that have led to opportunities to collect equipment and to share our testimonies! We are truly blessed to have such an amazing nationwide network of volunteers! Big or small, all the donations of time or funds are huge blessings! Thank you! Many thanks to On His Path for all the amazing support with Mission: Mobility! You are a blessing to many not only by funding, but a blessing in helping show others how to share Christ’s Love in so many amazing ways!

Submitted by: Rick Fulton