God is Good!

The need in Guatemala continues to grow, so we keep collecting to help supply the needs that Bethel Ministries International uncovers! With God’s calling and the obedience to that call by our network of volunteers, we keep filling containers!

2014 was a banner year, we shipped 4 containers from 3 states.

2015 looks to beat 2014. In May, our Louisville shipping point (strongly supported by Murray, KY) shipped a container. That same week we shipped one from the MD Orthopedics warehouse in Wayland. Here is what we have coming up.

California: First container is being prepared for shipment late August.

Iowa: Container to ship in September.

Kentucky: Container planned to ship in fall.

Pennsylvania: Container tentatively planned to ship in December.

God is good! I am constantly amazed when I think we hit a dry spell, the calls come in that chairs are being collected or donated. Prayer does work! As the need is constant, we must be diligent in our collection efforts. We have a constant prayer to establish partners in other areas to collect. In Iowa, we really only have the core in SE Iowa. We would love to see groups in the Des Moines and Waterloo areas that can collect and eventually transfer equipment to SE Iowa. Our eventual goal is to have collection partners in every state. We have wonderful volunteers in many states, but gladly want to welcome more.

Just as I was compiling this update, we received word from Bethel Ministries in Guatemala. It reinforces the huge need for our efforts! Donna Mooney writes, “A praise report – KY container arrived! There were delays in customs, but it arrived safe and sound and food and vitamins are being loaded onto our truck to head to Rio Dulce tomorrow! Yea God! We had run out of wheelchairs, the Take Away Hunger food, and vitamins, so we are very thankful for this container! We had actually laid off a few of our workers temporarily since there were no chairs to restore! Thank you Mission Mobility team players for all you do!!” I am thankful we have the Iowa Container right behind the Kentucky container. Please consider joining us in finding wheelchairs to help fill the need.

Submitted by Rick Fulton



Mission: Mobility keeps rolling along! God continues to add new volunteers to the roster, nationwide! We recently had a regional manager of a wheelchair company donate 60 new wheelchairs to the efforts. These are now waiting in Louisville, Kentucky to be on the next container, with a possible ship date in April.

Iowa: The shed is filling up. Many thanks to the exceptional efforts of Rich Seberg. Rich has been great at finding chairs for the cause! Our goal is for a late spring shipment.

California: The Fresno crew is pushing hard for their first container. They are well on their way and hope for a container shipment late summer of 2015.

Pennsylvania: The volunteers in PA shipped their first container in early December of 2014 which arrived in Guatemala late January of 2015.

I recently returned from Guatemala, my 5th mission trip to serve with Bethel Ministries International. It was a blessing to be able to help fit 52 people with wheelchairs. One wheelchair we fit was for an elderly blind woman. She reached out to Tom and I and wanted to touch our hands so she could “see” us. She praised God for her new wheelchair! Many of the chairs we fit had a Mission: Mobility sticker that states the origin of the donated equipment. In the photo above is Ruby. Ruby is a long-time wheelchair repairman at the Bethel Ministries workshop. Ruby is working on a chair that was collected in Murray, Kentucky by our volunteers. 2014 was filled with many blessings! Many volunteers from many states have joined the efforts to serve by collecting wheelchairs and equipment, four containers were shipped, which in turn helped transform many lives with the gift of mobility. Looking ahead to 2015, please keep your eyes open. Consider joining our efforts by calling your local nursing home or hospitals or by watching garage sales. We are always needing wheelchairs, in any condition. We have also received a request for canes. We are all anxious to see what God has planned for Mission: Mobility in 2015. God is so good!

Submitted by Rick Fulton