Bangladesh Clubfoot Project


On His Path Helps Children With Clubfeet Worldwide

Worldwide, about 200,000 children are born with clubfeet, a condition where the foot is twisted downwards and inwards. If untreated, the deformity leads to pain with walking and is disabling. Ponseti clubfoot treatment, developed in Iowa, is a largely non-surgical method of correcting clubfoot by a series of manipulation and carefully applied casts. Usually 5 casts correct the deformity. The child wears a brace at night to prevent relapse until the age of 4. Treated children and adults enjoy lifelong freedom from pain and full function. On His Path is helping children born with clubfeet worldwide. In Bangladesh, On His Path is donating teaching models to Sustainable Clubfoot Care in Bangladesh (SCCB). SCCB is a Canadian government funded initiative to fi nd all children in Bangladesh born with clubfeet and treat them with the Ponseti Method. SCCB will train village health workers to screen for clubfoot deformity and refer children with deformed feet to clubfoot clinics, where specially trained doctors will correct the feet using the Ponseti Method. On His Path is donating 23 sets of clubfoot teaching models to SCCB, one for every public medical college, to help future doctors and surgeons learn about clubfoot and how to treat them. On His Path also helps children elsewhere, but in a different manner.

On His Path is providing support to the University of British Columbia as it works with the World Health Organization and others in developing guidelines for the management of clubfeet so that Ponseti treatment can be provided in the most consistent and effective manner.

Submitted by: Dr. Shafique Pirani, BC