Sharing God’s Love through Education


Sharing God’s Love through Education

In a small, impoverished Haitian village on the shores of Lake Azuei, receiving an education used to be considered a luxury.

In Haiti (as in many developing countries), you have to pay to send your children to school, and for this community, the nearest school was very far away. Though these parents work very hard to provide for their families, most barely make enough to feed their children. Therefore, many adults in this village have never attended school and until 2013, most of the children had never had the chance to go to school.

To help break through the cycle of poverty by way of education, Operation Blessing built a school in this village called Ecole Nouvelle Lac Azuei (ENLA) School. On His Path began supporting ENLA in 2014, to help fund operating expenses so that these impoverished children can thrive. Today the ENLA School consists of two separate kindergarten and primary school buildings, a kitchen, water cistern, latrines and a food depot. It serves more than 300 children with a traditional Western education, Bible classes, summer camps and bi-annual health screenings. Students receive two nutritious meals each day at the school, with special attention given to children suffering from malnourishment.

Adult literacy classes are also provided for the adults in the village, including lessons from reading the Bible. One adult student, Suzette, is grateful to the ENLA School on behalf of her four children and herself. Suzette and her husband don’t have regular jobs; they make their living by fishing. Before her children attended ENLA, experiences such as learning, eating well and having regular health checkups were non-existent. Now, Suzette and her children benefit from the school’s programs.

Suzette cherishes her newly acquired knowledge. Through the adult literacy program, Suzette has learned how to write her and her children’s names, and she is growing more and more confident in reading. “I couldn’t write,” she said. “I was very happy when they taught me the letters of the alphabet because even though I can repeat a lot of words, I never knew how to write them.”

The education and nutrition opportunities provided to students at ENLA removes barriers to growth often experienced by families in impoverished communities. The hope given to Suzette and 600 others in the village is a step toward breaking generational poverty, helping families improve their lives and have bigger dreams for their futures.

Submitted by Ronda Sherman, Operation Blessing

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