Selah is a ladies’ retreat that has been held annually in southeast Iowa since 2011. The word selah is defined as: a pause to breathe and reflect on the important words just spoken. Selah’s mission statement is: “To help women seek God and unite together for His purpose” Matthew 7:7-8 and Ephesians 4:1-16

The main purpose of Selah is to help women actively seek a deeper relationship with Jesus. Our desire is that Selah will allow women to pause and consider what God is speaking into their hearts and to let them understand the ways He has gifted them. It is our belief that in doing so, we may begin to develop and grow deeper spiritual roots. We hope Selah inspires women to unite together to use their gifts for Jesus, leading others to follow His plan for their life. Although the Selah retreat is held annually, Selah reaches women throughout the year, supporting ladies throughout their spiritual journeys. Selah was held October 24th & 25th at Whitetail Country Estates in Lockridge, Iowa, where forty women attended. This year’s theme was Joy! The keynote speaker, Joy Baade, took the ladies through her journey to find joy – she then talked about where to get it, what robs us of it, and how to share it. Also giving presentations were Denae Matherly and Nancy Iverson from Image Truth in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They gave presentations about the beauty each woman has been given from the Lord. On top of that they gave practical tips on how to build a wardrobe that compliments each individual’s skin and hair color and body type. Each lady received individual color analysis from Denae and Nancy. The registration fees for Selah were donated to the Mission to the Nations Women’s Rescue Sewing Center in Kakinada, India. Scarves and bags from India were available with the funds going to the Women’s Rescue Sewing Center. The Rescue Sewing Center saves women from human trafficking and sponsors them through a nine-month training program. Upon completion of the training, the women are given a sewing machine and materials to start their own business. Besides enjoying the speaking sessions, the ladies were able to take advantage of the beautiful property upon which Whitetail Country Estates is located. Thanks to the many ladies who volunteered their time and gifts to make this year’s retreat a success. A special thanks to On His Path who sponsored the retreat.

Submitted by: Nikki Johnson, Selah Coordinator

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