Clubfoot is a physical deformity that is present at birth, where one or both of the baby’s feet are turned inward and upward. If left untreated, it will present the child with a lifetime of difficulty walking and carrying out daily activities, and it is a leading cause of disability in many countries.

A Clubfoot Solution That Lasts A Lifetime

Fortunately, there is a way to correct the deformity of clubfoot without surgery that is effective for the life of the patient, allowing those affected to lead a normal life.

In the 1960s, Dr. Ignacio Ponseti created a method of using several casts over a period of 6-8 weeks allowing for correct alignment of the feet, and then the use of a boot and brace system that will be worn by the child for 4-5 years mostly overnight and at nap time to ensure the correction is permanent. Over time, long-term test results validated the effectiveness of the Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Treatment, and it has now become gold standard of clubfoot treatment around the world.

Dr. Ponseti enlisted the help of John Mitchell to create an effective boot and brace for his treatment process according to Ponseti’s exacting specifications. This would make it possible for the child to wear the boots and brace comfortably over an extended period of time which is very important for the method to work properly.

In 2004, Mitchell formed MD Orthopaedics to manufacture the Ponseti brace and boots, and due to its high quality production, the boot and brace system has now been distributed to over 126 countries. Its success also led to the creation of On His Path in 2009 to support Christian organizations around the world to help those in need.

Learn about Dr. Ponseti and The Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Correction in this mini-documentary: “A Walking Miracle”      (subtitled in 72 languages)


Unfortunately in developing countries many parents can barely afford to eat, let alone pay for the casting and braces and medical care for their child. In the past, this resulted in some children not being able to receive treatment solely due to poverty.

That’s why On His Path is taking a role in fighting clubfoot worldwide via The Ponseti® Kids initiative.  In our initial phase, we are partnering with seven public hospitals in El Salvador to provide clubfoot treatment equipment and medical care at no cost to the patient.

On His Path also supports the education of families whose children are going through the treatment – if the parents understand the treatment method it will ensure their child will stay on track with the treatment plan and will have results that last a lifetime, so they will be able to run, jump, and play just like everyone else.


On His Path Launches Ponseti® Kids Clubfoot Sponsorship Program

Our goal has always been to make the Ponseti Method available to every child born with clubfoot and now you can help in a personal way. On His Path recently launched the Ponseti® Kids Clubfoot Sponsorship Program; exclusively in the country of El Salvador at this time.

Casting procedure on an infant at regional El Salvador clinic

The Ponseti® Kids Clubfoot Sponsorship Program is a way to ensure that a specific child with clubfoot in El Salvador receives proper clubfoot treatment, receives the Gospel, and has the opportunity to create a lasting relationship with their sponsor.

You can be a part of changing the life of a child through sponsorship, and give them hope for a better future.

What does sponsorship cover?

Your sponsorship of $25/month will cover the cost of treatment, including all serial casting supplies, tenotomy (if required), and abduction braces to maintain the clubfoot correction for one child. The monthly sponsorship will cover:

      1. Treatment
        Your donation will provide all of the materials needed for the casting process (including padding and plaster) and clubfoot braces until treatment is complete. Typically, a child will need new boots every 4-6 months and a new bar every 12-18 months until the age of four.
      2. Educational Materials
        Educational materials will be provided for parents, families, and training for medical staff so that they can fully understand clubfoot and the Ponseti treatment method.
      3. Counseling
        Our counselors encourage parents to adhere to the full casting and bracing process until the child has completed the treatment, and they also share the Good News of Jesus with each family.


More Details on Clubfoot Sponsorship

The length of your sponsorship will vary depending on the needs of your sponsored child, however, a typical clubfoot case will last four years. Your sponsorship would come to an end when the child completes treatment, of course with the option to sponsor another child if you’d like. You may also sponsor more than one child at the same time.

As a sponsor, you will receive a Welcome Kit with the child’s profile card and information. You will also receive an Annual Progress Report to keep track of the child’s treatment progress.

Please pray that each child is able to finish the treatment they need to be completely healed. We look forward to making Ponseti® Kids Clubfoot Sponsorship Program a part of your lives, to give a child the gift of hope!

Isaiah 40:8 says, “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God endures forever.”


Donate Used Braces

If you have your own braces that you are no longer using, On His Path needs your help in collecting used braces to send to children in need of the Ponseti Brace.  Follow these easy steps to Pass It On!

1.) Gather your used braces – even if they are worn or broken!

2.) Click the following link; then print and fill out the donor detail. Click here:  Pass It On Donation Card.

3.) Ship your used brace(s) and/or bar(s) with the completed card to OHP.

4.) Once received, the braces and/or bars will be laundered and refurbished. They will then be shipped to one of our trusted partners in a developing country and distributed to a child at no charge!

Note: if you don’t have braces but would like to support the effort, you can include a monetary gift that will go directly to help clubfoot children in need.   You may use our on-line donation page, and donate to the Medical Fund.