On His Path

Our Story
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. -Ephesians 2:10

John and Jean Mitchell founded On His Path, on the belief of this scripture. They believe, just as scripture states, that they are his workmanship and have been created for good works that were prepared for them. They felt the calling and have been obedient to the calling out of the reverence and awe of what Jesus Christ did for them.

Since the inception of On His Path (and even back when MD Orthopaedics was in their garage) the Lord put the vision of eradicating untreated clubfoot in John and Jean Mitchell’s heart. This vision was ignited, after John met Dr. Ponseti.

When John went to visit Dr. Ponseti’s clinic, he noticed that there was a baby in the waiting room. The baby had sores on his feet from the shoes he was wearing. The baby needed to wear the shoes to correct his clubfoot. John had extreme compassion for that child and his family, he asked Dr. Ponseti to get a hold of the shoe manufacturer to fix the problem. Dr. Ponsesti said that the shoe has been around for a very long time. He asked that John make a comfortable shoe for the children. He explained that a better shoe needed to be made; so there would be better compliance by the parents and less relapse of the children’s feet. John and Jean prayed fervently for wisdom and direction.

Through prayer, God assured Jean, that He would do great things through John with the clubfoot brace.

After many tests and trials, Dr. Ponseti approved a boot and bar system, that John designed. Soon, they were able to have the shoe tested by several parents at the University of Iowa Hospital and clinics. Because of the comfort and easy use of the boot and bar system; orthopedic doctors found that the parents and children were more compliant with the bracing prescription. Therefore, there was a dramatic reduction in clubfoot relapse!

John and Jean started MD Orthopaedics and made shoes full-time. The impact of these shoes quickly spread between clubfoot parents.

On His Path sprang out of the abundance of God’s blessings from MD Orthopaedics. They are committed to focusing on ensuring the Ponseti clubfoot treatment for all children. God told John to give 50% of their profit from MD Orthopaedics away to help spread the Gospel. 100% of that profit goes directly to helping with clubfoot treatment, education, and materials in developing countries.

John and Jean know that true healing of the whole body and spirit can only be done through the Gospel of Christ. So, they have committed to spreading the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ while helping to eradicate untreated clubfoot.