Our Daughter

Our daughter, Isabella, has eagerly anticipated her first trip back to Guatemala since we brought her home with us nearly 7 years ago. What made this trip even more special was for her to witness and be involved with the many acts of service during the time we were there. One of my favorite verses while we were waiting for the call from the adoption agency saying we could finally go get our daughter and bring her “home” was Hebrews 11:1– Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. I was reminded of that verse again while we were in Guatemala witnessing the poverty.

Oh how the poor there must long for heaven so they will suffer no longer! It makes me wonder if we here in America are longing for heaven just as much, or have we become too comfortable? Recently Isabella celebrated her 8th Birthday and was making a long list of plans of what her and her best friend were going to do for her birthday. She said, “You know what would be really awesome Mom?!?!?!” I was thinking she was going to say manicures, shopping, or something along those lines. She said, “if Jesus would come back and take us to heaven on my birthday!”

Submitted by: Jean Mitchell

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