Micaela and Maria

Micaela is in her eighties and had a stroke several years ago. Her daughter, Maria, is in her forties and has had polio since she was seven years old. While another daughter worked during the day to support the family, Micaela and Maria would crawl around on the dirt floor since they  did not have a wheelchair to help them get around.

The good news is both of the women got their first wheelchair on Friday, July 18th at the Bethel Ministries wheelchair distribution in Chimaltenango that we had the humble honor of being a part of. I will never forget the huge smile on Maria’s face as she crawled down the aisle when her number was called. I have said before and heard others also say that when you go on a mission trip you are often more blessed than the people you are helping.

This was never so evident than with Micaela and Maria. Even though I couldn’t understand what she was saying, Micaela was going on and on in Spanish and pointing up to the heavens. I asked Donna Mooney of Bethel Ministries to translate for me and she said Micaela is saying “God will take care of you because He has taken care of me. He is everything and we are nothing.” I say Amen to that and thank you for blessing us Micaela!

Submitted by: Jean Mitchell

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