Los Gozosos


For the past year, we have been able to support Los Gozosos by providing them with medicine monthly. Los Gozosos is a care center that takes care of 10 children who suffer from various diseases, such as CP, epilepsy, microcephaly, autism, hemiplegia, and mental retardation. We are blessed to see the children’s health improve from month to month and continue to help them with medicine, food, and education. Our hearts are full of joy to see these children growing and pursuing their dreams. The workers at Los Gozosos express their thanks, “We don’t have money to pay for everything that you are doing for us and for all the support that we have received for a long time. The children are so blessed to be able to count on you for support and love. May God bless everyone for all your love and help.”

Submitted by: Donna Mooney of Bethel Ministries International, Guatemala

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