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Welcome to our New Look

Having been blessed beyond measure since initiating the ministry of On His Path, we have now grown to such an extent that it became necessary for us to upgrade and expand our website. It is our pleasure to share with you, our new design.

That being said, nothing has changed concerning our purpose for being: to engage in helping children around the world who have been devastated by the crippling effects of the congenital disability known as clubfoot to walk as normally as those who don’t. In addition, it is our intent, through strategic partnering, to alleviate the suffering that results from the lack of adequate health care and poor living conditions and to share the Gospel of Jesus with those we encounter. This remains unchanged – it is our heart and soul.

Our new look incorporates a more media-friendly logo, allowing for those who wish to partner with us to utilize a more professional look. We are an international philanthropic organization, and we should reflect the same quality and excellence in our presentation as we do in the care we provide.

There is more detailed information on who we are and what we do in the “What We Do” section; this not only serves to give insight into our work and the ones we minister to, but also helps the prospective donor or grant seeker with more knowledge of who we are and what our goals are. This same mindset was carried over into our “Partners” section, where we have constructed a much more colorful and exciting introduction to those organizations who have identified with our mission and chosen to partner with us in providing help for those in need. Of course, the grant application procedure and online request form are still in place here.

The Geo Footprint map on the “Where We Work” page is a new visual and informational aspect of our website. Being interactive, it can take the user to all of the countries On His Path is currently involved in (and that area of involvement continues to expand) and give them a little insight into how we are engaged there.

The user will also notice under the “Blog” window, that we have taken the Footsteps Newsletter, split it up into four sections, and posted all of the backlog issues. You can now easily share with your friends online.

Perhaps the greatest improvement has been made in the area of donations. This section has a new look, increased information and a simplified format for donating. The donation “window” now has options for one-time gifts, monthly and one-time amount.

We are very excited about our new look, but we are not resting yet. We will soon provide items such as ball caps, backpacks, mugs, and t-shirts bearing the On His Path logo.

It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to not only give to the lives of those in need but to join up with other noble and ethical organizations as they also strive to bring joy and blessings to those individuals as well. We believe this new look will serve only to increase this objective as we continue to walk forward on His path.

Submitted by: Thomas Sharp, Independent Branding and Marketing Specialist

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