Haiti Comfort

We’ve been here for 10 years and have 15 children and an infant coming. We take nothing but AIDS children. We took care of a lot of initial needs by selling our house many moons ago. We bought 10 year old vehicles which are now 20! Our dump truck which is torn apart right now is just too dangerous to transport kids in. Our van lived a very short life after six 5-year-olds put everything fathomable in the gas tank! Sad, but cute! They are all 9 & 10 now….Praise God!

This ministry is certainly one big happy family but we need to raise serious money to accommodate our growth. We contribute our total reserve military pensions to what we do. After running operations, it’s gone.

A Blessing Arrives from On His Path. There’s a foundation that has stepped up for us in a big way twice before and noticed our transportation woes and invited us to apply for monies for a truck and yes, we were approved! What a gift from God! We picked up our new truck and it is a joyful time and a very thankful time.

Why thank God? ….because He sees that we are provided for and protected. We, as Christians, give our glory to Him first and always. Many Christians, who act as God’s emissaries choose not to be exposed and therefore, we, for the most part let God be God and He will bless their lives. WE are not capable of doing these things.

Submitted by: Trisha Comfort, Haiti Comfort

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