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Frequently Asked Questions
About On His Path
What is On His Path?
On His Path is a private, nonprofit foundation committed to promoting the treatment of clubfoot in developing countries through the non-surgical Ponseti method. On His Path first and foremost desires to glorify Jesus Christ through sharing the gospel and answering the call to serve.
What is the purpose of OHP?
To eradicate untreated clubfoot in developing countries while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Why Jesus?
Why is Jesus Christ so important to On His Path?
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”
John 3:16

Because of this truth, On His Path has responded with reverence and awe of what Jesus did for us. He gave us the free gift of eternal life with God. We know that we could never attain this on our own. Out of our response to His free gift, we want to spread the saving grace of Jesus Christ to all while helping treat clubfoot emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, and socially.
Donation Details
How can I support OHP?
Your donation of any amount will help further our cause, and will change people’s lives! You can make an online donation right now, either as a one time gift, or make a monthly donation to provide ongoing support for those in need.
Are my donations tax-deductible?
Yes! On His Path is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donation is 100% tax deductible. What’s more, 100% percent of every dollar that comes into On His Path goes directly toward the delivery of charitable care throughout our network of ministries.
How can 100% of my donation go directly to people in need? Don’t you have administrative costs?
On His Path is run by volunteers and consultants, all of whom donate their time and resources to further the cause of On His Path. Many of the members are on the staff of MD Orthopaedics, the company that makes clubfoot braces for children all around the world.

The On His Path board all shares a common vision of glorifying Jesus by coming alongside those in need. Also, when you donate by credit card or Paypal, the On His Path Foundation cover the credit card processing fees, so if you make a $100 donation, exactly $100 is going directly to the area you select.
Who does On His Path support?
We support numerous individuals and organizations that are focusing on eradicating untreated clubfoot in developing countries.
How do I sponsor a child with clubfoot?
The Ponseti Method for Clubfoot Treatment is very effective and provides a lifelong solution to a child’s deformity, unfortunately there are many parents of clubfoot babies who cannot afford to pay for the casting, braces, and medical support. Now you can support a child’s clubfoot journey and in doing so, you will change their life!

It’s called the Ponseti® Kids initiative, and in our initial phase, we are partnering with seven public hospitals in El Salvador to provide clubfoot treatment equipment and medical care at no cost to the patient.

Your sponsorship of $25/month will cover the cost of treatment, including all serial casting supplies, tenotomy (if required), and abduction braces to maintain the clubfoot correction for one child. The monthly sponsorship will cover:

1. Treatment
Your donation will provide all of the materials needed for the casting process (including padding and plaster) and clubfoot braces until treatment is complete. Typically, a child will need new boots every 4-6 months and a new bar every 12-18 months until the age of four.

2. Educational Materials
Educational materials will be provided for parents, families, and training for medical staff so that they can fully understand clubfoot and the Ponseti treatment method.

3. Counseling
Our counselors encourage parents to adhere to the full casting and bracing process until the child has completed the treatment, and they also share the Good News of Jesus with each family.

Please email info@onhispath.org for further information.
How do I get in touch with On His Path?
On His Path
P.O. Box 157
Danville, IA 52623