On His Path

Donate Braces
On His Path needs your help in collecting used braces to send to children in need of the Ponseti Brace.
If you have your own braces that you are no longer using, follow these easy steps to Pass It On!
  1. Gather your used braces – even if they are worn or broken!

  2. Click the following link; then print and fill out the donor detail. Click here: Pass It On Donation Card.

  3. Ship your used brace(s) and/or bar(s) with the completed card to OHP.

  4. Once received, the braces and/or bars will be laundered and refurbished. They will then be shipped to one of our trusted partners in a developing country and distributed to a child at no charge!
If you don’t have braces but would like to support the effort, you can include a monetary gift that will go directly to help clubfoot children in need. You may use our online donation page, and donate to the Medical Fund.