Clubfoot Program in El Salvador


Achild living with untreated clubfoot in a developing country will likely live in extreme poverty and be unable to be productive. If we can treat a child, all of that changes. That child can run, walk, play and attend school. He or she can eventually get a job and be self-sufficient. We have a great satisfaction from having a long term impact in our country.

Thank you so much for your partnership in On His Path’s ministry.

We are honored that you entrust us with your support. Please know that you are truly changing the lives of children in El Salvador and sharing the hope of Jesus.

We hope it brings you great joy to see the difference your support has made!

This was a great year for On His Path; we were able to serve children in the five clinics.

  • 179 new children enrolled in treatment
  • 619 casting visits
  • 219 foot abduction braces distributed
  • 343 follow up visits
  • More than 100 doctors trained at the IV Annual Ponseti Training and Congress in Santa Ana facilitated by Dr. Sequeira and Dr. Rosales
  • More than 300 families received counseling and the opportunity to receive the good news of the Gospel
  • Clubfoot program promoted in different spaces such as TV interviews in TVS in Santa Ana, TVR in San Miguel, Health Units, and meetings with Neonatology and Pediatrics Units in Santa Ana hospital

On His Path’s ministry is all about providing hope and help to children who so desperately need it. This is the result of the incredible generosity of the donors; we couldn’t have done any of this without the support of donors, doctors, and physiotherapists. On behalf of El Salvador staff and every child and family we help, thank you; wishing that you are filled with bounding hope, joy and peace. Because of God’s faithfulness and your dedication, children are receiving life changing care.

What a privilege it is to transform lives together, in the name of Jesus!

Submitted by: Mayra Arteaga, On His Path Clubfoot Clinic Coordinator

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