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Luisa Sical and her children

Luisa is 36 years old. She has been a single mother for 3 years since her husband abandoned them. She has three children: Yesenia is 12 years old and currently studies in 4th grade, Diana is 6 years old and is in kindergarten, and José Manuel is 1 year old. Although they have a very low income, Luisa does everything possible to give her children what they need. Their old house was built of scraps of wood and metal, and when it was the rainy season, their house would get flooded. BMI was able to build them a house that is more secure and watertight! Luisa said: “Thank you for helping us with a new house, it’s a great support for my children. Now, we have a home that is much better than our previous house! We don’t have a way to repay you for this support, may God bring many blessings upon every person who made this great help possible. Thank you very much.”

Maria Marcela Gonzales Hernández

Maria is 27 years old and a single mother after her husband abandoned her after the birth of her 5th child. Maria’s children’s names and ages are as follows: Jaqueline is 12, Josefine is 11 and is studying in 3rd grade, Katherine is 7, Angeline is 3, and Jonathan is 8 months old. Maria makes tortillas for people and her eldest, Jaqueline, takes care of the children. The money she earns is not enough for all the household expenses as well as education which is why only one of her children attend school. Their house was built of scrap metal and wood with pieces of cloth and plastic covering some of the holes. It was in really bad condition and flooded every rainy season. We are glad to see that the house they received changed their lives because now they have a warm and dry place to be. Maria said: “Thank you for helping and giving us a hand in times of necessity. Thanks to You, I have a house where I live with my children now. My children and I can’t repay you for all you have done for us. Thank you for all your support.”

Submitted by: Donna Mooney, Bethel Ministries International

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