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Muxin Morales Family

The Muxin Morales Family receive support with a food bag. The living conditions of this family have not been easy due to a lack of resources in home. Marco earns money by working in the fields while his wife takes care of their nine children: Randy (15), Daniel (13), Nehemias (10), Marvin (9), Julio (7), Doris (5), Esdras (2), and Sulma and Jesica (6 months). Since life for this family has been difficult,the two oldest boys have left school in order to help their father with the household expenses. Combined, they make $105 a month which is not enough to cover all of the family expenses. Marcos and his sons are doing everything possible to support their family, but they often do not have work and will only have a little to eat those days. Bethel Ministries International (BMI) has helped the Muxin Family with the construction of a home that is much better than their previous small room built of wood and scrap metal. We also gave them an extra bunk bed for children to sleep on, and gave them nutrition drinks and KAH meals to help improve their health. The family now has three meals a day as well. We are glad to see how their living conditions and health are improving. The family is very grateful for all of the support that they have been receiving from BMI.

Submitted by Donna Mooney, BMI

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