I am amazed at the year Mission: Mobility had in 2015!

Looking back at 2015, we are so thankful for all the hard work of everyone – the physical work and especially all of the prayers. The two have a direct connection!

From our origins of a few Wayland area folks scrounging wheelchairs to the ever growing nationwide network we are seeing today, much has been accomplished.

The majority of our team consist of clusters of people across the country who have served on mission trips with Bethel Ministries International (BMI) in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. It is with prayerful obedience that this team of volunteers have continued to increase the collection efforts.

One exciting new twist is happening in Kentucky. After collecting equipment through a local hospital, the management of that hospital system approached our Kentucky team. They saw the constant need of used medical equipment and also understood the end result of the collections for Guatemala so they requested a meeting. Saul Chopen from BMI happened to be visiting at the time and he was excited to be a part of this meeting alongside our Kentucky friends! As a result of the meeting, this hospital system would like to formally partner with

Mission: Mobility to provide chairs and other equipment exclusively. This system consists of 9 hospitals plus clinics and medical centers scattered across the state of Kentucky! PRAISE GOD!

Although connections like this are very exciting, containers also get filled collecting one chair at a time. Some volunteers have contacted local nursing homes or hospitals. Others even purchase chairs at local auctions or garage sales. Every donation counts—everyone’s efforts are awesome!

Once a location has gathered enough equipment, the preparations begin to send it on to Guatemala. With the help of the shipping company, a date is set and the labeling and counting begin. Each piece of used equipment includes a sticker that says “Mission: Mobility” and the location from where it was sent. Many volunteers are needed to make this a success!

Container history:

2012: 1 container: Iowa
2013: 1 container: Iowa
2014: 4 containers: 2 – Iowa, 1 – Kentucky, 1-Pennsylvania
2015: 6 containers: 2–Iowa, 2–Kentucky, 1–Pennsylvania, 1–California

In the six containers of 2015, we sent approximately 700 chairs, 700 walkers, 500 sets of walkers, 250 canes plus hundreds of boxes of wheelchair parts and other mobility related items– that is double the equipment we shipped in 2014! On His Path also included over 60,000 Take Away Hunger meals in 2015.

What does God have in store for Mission: Mobility in 2016?

At this time, various groups have equipment accumulating in their warehouses! We expect a new shipping point in Jacksonville, Florida as they have accumulated a mountain of wheelchairs in a short time. They will ship in the 1st quarter.

We wait to see what else God has in store for new areas and new partnerships. Please continue to pray for Mission: Mobility for efficiencies in collections and logistics.

Submitted by Mission Mobility Team

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