A House for Estella

Estella and her two children have been living with her elderly parents since her husband passed away eight months ago and the house she was living in before was in very bad condition and made of scrap metal and wood. Estella and her son, Porfilio, work very hard harvesting vegetables to make a meager wage so that her daughter, Adalis, can attend school. It is very important to Estella that her daughter gets an education so she can have a better future than she does. Estella climbs up a mountain every day to work nine hours in the fields picking green onions. She makes .26 cents for every large basket of onions she picks. Each basket holds 64 bunches and on a good  day she is able to pick 5-6 baskets, earning an average of $1.50 per

day. Estella said that the owners of the fields will often hire women because they don’t have to pay them as much as the men and if they don’t think the onions are good enough she picked, they will simply refuse to pay her. Every family that has a house built for them has a

heart wrenching story but there is beauty amid the ashes and hope among the hopeless, as Estella and her mom prayed to accept Christ that day!

Submitted by: Jean Mitchell

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